Attorney Solomon A. Cheifer represents clients in a variety of matters - both in and out of the courtroom. He knows how to meet the legal needs of each client in both complex and simple matters.

BANKRUPTCY -   Solomon is experienced in representing Debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, as well as adversary proceedings. He has helped hundreds of clients receive a discharge of their debt through utilization of the Federal Code, which allows for the elimination of most types of debt. Solomon has also successfully litigated cases involving non-dischargeability of debt and denial of discharge.

ESTATE PLANNING - Solomon is able to draft your will and living trust, along with other necessary documents such as power of attorney and advance care medical directive. Solomon is also able to prepare and record deeds to your real property as necessary in order to effectuate such estate plans. A properly drafted estate plan avoids probate and ensures that your assets pass to those intended to benefit.

PROBATE - In the event a probate is necessary, Solomon is experienced in all aspects of the probate process from the initial petition to the close of probate. Solomon knows exactly how to proceed in order to minimize both costs to the estate and the time involved. Where a probate certified realtor is necessary, Solomon knows who to turn to to get your property sold efficiently within the probate process. In cases where the deed to living trust was not properly recorded with the county recorder, Solomon is experienced in representing clients regarding a California Heggstad petition - which is a short form of probate to correct title in the situation of a missing deed.

FAMILY LAW - Solomon is experienced in all aspects of the Family Law process, including Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Custody/Visitation, Child/Spousal/Domestic Partner Support, Dissolution of Marriage, Petition to Establish Parental Rights, Move-Away Orders, and Motions to Change Venue of Proceedings.

CIVIL LITIGATION - Solomon has filed, prosecuted and defended civil litigation matters in many areas of law including: personal injury/negligence, tenant rights, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentation, real estate disputes, and intentional torts such as conversion and fraud. Solomon knows how to effectively represent his clients at all stages of the litigation process.

DUI DEFENSE - Solomon worked at the San Bernardino County District Attorney Office as a Law Clerk while attending law school. This experience has allowed him to effectively represent clients accused of Driving Under the Influence. Most of the time, the client does not even have to show up to court if Solomon is hired prior to the court date. Solomon will request all discovery, including CD of all audio/video related to the arrest and the calibration records of all instrumentation utilized in the prosecution's case. Solomon will bring pretrial motions to dismiss the matter if it appears that law enforcement has violated the client's civil rights.

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